Proven methodologies, skills & results:

  • Pfizer (Warner Lambert) sizing of facilities for US based formulation development group
  • Pfizer organisational ramp-up for 10 billion solid dose units site in Ireland
  • Smiths Medical service and inventory planning to link in-market warehouse demand directly to production operations.
  • Roche, Astra Zeneca industrial benchmarks and performance ratios. Smith & Nephew, Boehringer Ingleheim, Pfizer etc.
  • Hoffmann La Roche specification, design & implementation for global inventory tracking system


Pharma Alliance has developed a number of unique information systems. These systems are based on proprietary software packages, and are easily integrated with company data and existing BI platforms.

AROMA™: to drive Accelerated Returns On Manufacturing Assets (API, formulation and packaging) through the use of inherent production data and support service information. AROMA includes dashboards, as well as analytics and simulation tools.

FASTtrack - D™ is used to size development functions based on the development portfolio, attrition models and specific project plans.

FASTtrack - S™, supports the organisational and supply chain requirements to ramp up manufacturing facilities.

TOPtier™ is a pharmaceutical industry performance database, used to benchmark companies, sites, technologies and key processes, such as packaging.

LEANplan™ is a key element of lean manufacturing programmes. The system is used to ensure the correct balance of inventory based on service requirements, production lead times and batch sizes.

5 Service streams:

  • AROMA™ - Accelerated Returns On Manufacturing Assets
  • FASTtrack D™ - development resource planning
  • FASTtrack S™ - site "start up" planning
  • TOPtier™ - performance database & benchmarks
  • LEANplan™ - service & inventory planning.