Our resources include:

  • Advanced analytical tools
  • Proprietary databases on benchmarks and industry processes
  • Experienced and a global team

Providing companies with:

  • Actionable insights and partnerships
  • Industrial knowhow and expertise
  • Information & knowledge discovery

Capability, Experience & Reach

Pharma Alliance group resources and its associated intellectual capital is continually being developed and enhanced. Our resources include;

Analytical Solutions: A wide range of analytical and business intelligence solutions for strategic decision making and senior management forums.

PDF Knohow™: A unique service and tool for integrating "unstructured and structured" data without using costly and sub optimal meta data tagging or schemes. PDF Knohow™ drives productivity and enhanced discovery practices within digital resources.

GRAIns™ A structured methodology to generate granular, relevant and actionable insights. GRAIns™ is based on primary interviews, judicious use of secondary data and advanced statistical analysis.

AROMA™: To drive Accelerated Returns On Manufacturing Assets (API, formulation and packaging) through the use of inherent production data and support service information. AROMA™ includes dashboards, as well as analytics and simulation tools.

diloX™: Distribution and logistics excellence framework to improve market positioning and boost financial performance. diloX™ improves and achieve optimal syncronisation between sales and strategy.

TOPtier™:: Our Industrial database and benchmarking process. A yearly assessment of manufacturing performance of the top 25 global pharma businesses, leading generics and contract organisations. Benchmarks are held at formulation and packaging level for key benchmarks.

IDMD™: An Industrial Demand Management Diagnostic to provide a quantified assessment of the current demand management function, to indicate working capital and customer service benefits potential within the supply chain and to identify improvement opportunities.

Blockbuster Manufacturing: A comprehensive approach to the improvement of productivity and the ROI within in global pharmaceutical companies. Blockbuster identifies significant cost reduction opportunities, together with organisational design and change management techniques.

Methodologies and process: The group maintains a number of databases, templates, tools, solutions and systems which have been used to transform organisations & drive improvements. This included pharma publications and process improvement guides.

Industrial contact base of Executives, senior managers and leaders within pharmaceutical space.

Partnerships and working relationships to extend product offerings, geographical reach and experience