Proven methodologies, skills & results:

  • Hoffmann La Roche Supply chain management performance
  • Smith & Nephew Fingerprinting your manufacturing business
  • Novartis Supply chain management
  • Astra Zeneca Performance appraisal, benchmarking and fingerprinting
  • Wyeth Focused factory management
  • Warner Lambert (Pfizer) Business and manufacturing strategy


Education is a key ingredient of any change programme. It underpins the improvement process and the challenge of organisational development.

Effective education programmes not only provide knowledge and skills, they generate creativity, innovation and motivation. Pharma Alliance runs a range of manufacturing courses that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. At the centre of these courses is our “Blockbuster Manufacturing” process.

Blockbuster Manufacturing recognises the role of manufacturing in increasing a company’s profitability. It is a proven business tool that provides a structured implementation process, template tools and techniques, and an organisational development methodology.

Each component of the process helps you to develop and implement a manufacturing strategy that drives productivity improvement and delivers real financial benefit.

4 Service streams:

  • Blockbuster Manufacturing publication - a 350 page, full colour publication that explores the manufacturing productivity opportunity in your company.
  • Blockbuster Manufacturing - generic & tailored courses, including manufacturing strategy, lean manufacturing, performance measurement and benchmarks, quality management, global purchasing, and technology transfer.
  • Performance benchmarks - a database of industry performance ratios and TOPtier™ benchmarks.
  • Tools, templates, techniques & management guides.