Providing unmatched value:

  • Actionable insights and solutions
  • Greater industrial knowhow & expertise
  • Improved information management, and
  • Knowledge discovery

A global alliance

The global life sciences and healthcare industry continues to evolve. We have created an alliance grouping of companies to help businesses to respond the wide range of challenges found in the 21st century healthcare market.

The group provides an excellent mix of incisive, innovative consultancy and business solutions. We have experience of, and focus on, the life science sector, biopharmaceuticals & the healthcare industry.

Our partners have conducted a broad range of successful assignments across a wide spectrum of organisations and companies.

The group operates around 7 consulting themes.

Extending capability and reach

Building on over 20 years in the industry we have bolstered our existing network with partnerships to provide unmatched value and benefits to our clients.

Our partners

Our core partners companies within the alliance, include:
- Avizare Solutions: A global analytics solutions provider for effective strategy formulation and performance improvement
- DigIn Health: information management & knowledge discovery tools to unlock value in digital resources
- LBA Systems: Supply chain and planning solutions
- P&N: Supply chain and manufacturing education, guidebooks, proprietary databases and industrial knowledge

The alliance maintains a network of 100+ experienced associates who are organised and managed on an individual assignment basis.

The partnerships continue extend our global reach and deepen our resources in key regions including Asia, Middle East, US and Europe.